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​Here at Christopher Ellis Massage we have several options available to help you reach your goals. All services are mobile only.

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Neuromuscular Therapy
Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage is for expecting mothers. There can be some moderate pressure and trouble area focus, but closer to a Swedish Massage than a Deep Tissue. A great way to release some of the physical and mental stress that comes with carrying a child. If your house has children already in it as well, then it may be that quiet sanctuary you've been longing for. 

                  60min for $75

Neuromuscular Therapy ( or NMT) is a very specific/detailed massage. By definition it is the correction of postural distortions by way of soft tissue manipulation. Which means it's a method of helping the bones go back toward proper alignment by massaging certain muscles that are tight and pulling them out of their proper position. Great for things like nerve intrapment, elevated hips, carpal tunnel type symptoms and things of that nature. Never a full body session.

   60min for $75   90min for $110                             120min for ​$150

Swedish Massage is all about relaxation. You come into calm and safe environment, relax on the table and let your worries melt away while you receive a light to moderate, and usually, full body massage. Great for people that need somewhere to de-stress.

​  60min for $75     90min for $110

NMT-bars are a tool used in Neuromuscular Therapy. This massage technique is a much more specific type of work. It's goal is to correct postural distortions in order to alleviate pain and increase range of motion. It works even better when done in conjunction with chiropractics. The NMT-bars range in size and shape and can be used to get into areas, especially smaller one's, that the fingers can not, thus increasing the depth of work and of course the amount of progress made by the client. They work great for headaches,/migraines, neck, shoulder and back pain as well as the hands and feet.

    60min for $75   90min for $110                          120min for ​$150

Deep Tissue Massage is a more specific/detailed massage. The goal is to alleviate pain, tension and tightness in specific trouble areas. Can be a full body massage with focus a few trouble areas and general maintenance on the rest. Can be relaxing, but is  more about feeling better in your day to day.  

60min for $75   90min for $110                              120min for  $150