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7455 West Washington Avenue

​2nd Floor, Suite 210

Las Vegas, NV 89128

​(702) 785-2454 (Directions)

Christopher Ellis Massage


60min for $39   90min for $59 

60min for $45   90min for $69   120min for ​$90

60min for $45   90min for $69   120min for ​$90

Supporting Growth!


It can be difficult, and expensive, to find a therapist that matches the specific style of massage and level of professionalism that you truly desire. We would like to make that process a little easier for you by offering a discount on your first visit. You save money and gain a chance to find that great therapist you've been looking for. Give us a try! (Applicable to Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage)

New Client Discount

Supporting our community!


All you dancers, singers, acrobats, and yes even you contortionists get your own discount. Whether your venue is large or small, you sacrifice your time, body and sometimes even your sanity in order to provide the community with not only entertainment, but with a viable economy. Not sure if you qualify? Just call and ask. ( Applicable to Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage)

​We Got Your Back!

Supporting our troops!


If not for your dedication and sacrifice, none of us would be able to enjoy the freedoms that we hold dear (Including owning and running a business). So, in an effort to express our appreciation for all that you do for us, we are offering discounts for you. Thank you for your service! ( Applicable to Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage. For Active Duty and Veterans)

Entertainers Discount

Military Discount